Product Owner

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Vectary is an online 3D design tool that aims to empower 3D workflows in the online and AR world. The interface and functionality are easy enough to have a first project done in less than 15 minutes, drastically reducing the steep learning curve of 3D modeling software.

My Involvement

The most notable part of the cooperation was leading the redesign and pivot of the product throughout the entire cycle. As the product owner, I had the privilege of leading a cross-functional team of 6 software engineers, 3 designers and 1 researcher, and working closely with the founders and department heads during the release development.


Scaled the user base into 5m

With the pulling force after pivoting

Successful adoption of the Vectary API

As the core business value

Growing ARR by 40%

With overhauled subscription packages and the focus on B2B

Vectary 3.0
Vectary 3.0