Product Strategy Kick-off

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The roadmap content is a contribution of Eva Kuttichova (Macromo co-founder), as the leader of the long-term vision. The article was written in the early Q3 2023.


Macromo, in its currently early stages, is entering the phase of rapid growth and is starting to encounter issues that come with the scaling of the product and departments. As the team is preparing for its Seed Round, this presented the perfect moment to kick off a more robust product strategy.

Our objectives for the product strategy:
  1. Alignment of the stakeholders on reasoning behind the product decisions
  2. Better product prioritization taking into account long-term mission
  3. Evaluation of how well the product team's work is driving company-level objectives

The initial version of the product strategy consisted of a vision, strategy, roadmap, and objectives. The overall planning was supplemented by a more in-depth feature roadmap that spans out to the length of six months. With the complete stack, we could evaluate the results of the planning.

Product strategy stack, inspired by the work of Ravi Mehta.
Product strategy stack, inspired by the work of Ravi Mehta.


Normalize prevention-based healthcare system by sharing the health data ownership with its users.


Macromo challenges health institutions and their processes set to in-person health checks through at-home tests and personal health guide.


Macromo mobile application is designed to help people understand their health risks and learn the steps they can take to prevent them. This is achieved by linking multiple health factors, and assessing how they contribute to a certain disease. Therefore, the user can focus on improving his/her lifestyle and habits that make the biggest difference.

Why is it essential to link health data?

Diseases are caused by various factors, like genetics, lifestyle, and environment - and each has a different significance. To get a full picture of a health risk it’s important to take into account as much information as possible. This is traditionally done by doctors, but it’s getting significantly harder due to recent advancements in medicine, specifically diagnostic methods that produce up to hundreds of gigabytes of data for each patient. For non-medically trained people it’s almost impossible to see patterns in their health data, which leads to frequent self-misdiagnosis and health anxiety.

Why should people take ownership of their health?

Civilizational diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and certain types of cancers, develop in decades, not months. The current health system is optimized to catch and treat cases mostly in advanced stages. Usually, it happens when the condition already starts to compromise the patient’s quality of life. However, most of these diseases can be predicted long before the first symptoms appear. Long-term tracking of your health is the only way to effectively predict and prevent such diseases.


Phase 1 – Give people ownership of their health

We are currently developing an ecosystem for end-customers, which includes all the tools people need to manage their health, including at-home tests, supplements, and a mobile application that provides personalized health advice and safe health data storage. We are planning to reinvest all the profits into the research and development of our systems for even more accurate predictions.


App adoption

Phase 2 – Help doctors make better-informed decisions

Once our system can reliably track a large number of health factors and diseases, we will develop a platform that prioritizes data for medical professionals. It will enable doctors to spend more time communicating with patients, instead of trying to navigate large quantities of data. The Macromo platform is going to significantly reduce healthcare costs by eliminating the risk of overlooking important data and improving the accuracy of early detection and diagnosis.


MDR/FDA certificate

Phase 3  – Assess clinical state and determine a diagnosis for patients

The Macromo platform will suggest diagnoses and the next steps to take (like additional tests or screenings). In the beginning, this is going to be supervised by doctors, but later we can expect full autonomy. It will democratize access to healthcare in developing countries, significantly reduce healthcare costs, and will have the capacity to save lives.


Clinical study


Macromo app serves as the core product and holds the core value. Progressively through expansion of the product lines, we are accumulating the amount of data the app is able to process. The goal of each product is to lead the user to the app.

Product lines


  • health recommendations
  • storage & tracker for the health data

Test kits

  • Blood
  • DNA
  • Sleep & Stress


  • Macromo Essentials
  • Macromo Omega-3

Main Objectives

The objectives covers Q3 and Q4 of 2023.

1. Find product market fit
2. Increase the revenue through tests and nutrition
3. Increase the customer satisfaction

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